Arq. Agustín Caso Bringas

Managing Director


Born in Mexico City on October 23, 1968. He studied in the Department of Architecture and Urbanism at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City.


Agustín Caso has worked for almost 30 years in major hotel, commercial and residential projects.


As the youngest partner of IDEA, he has participated in many of the most daring and important projects that our company has designed and has become the key element for the growth of the firm



Arq. Daniel Camhi Montekio



Born in Mexico City on December 9, 1933. He studied at the National School of Architecture of the Autonomous University of Mexico.


Daniel Camhi, has worked for almost 50 years in a great variety of projects including Hotels, Commercial, Residential, Restaurants, not only in their development but also in their operation.


Because of his entrepreneurial spirit and extensive experience, he has become the cornerstone of the company.





Arq. Jorge Álvarez Ruesga



He was born in Mexico City on February 28, 1936. He studied at the National School of Architecture of the National Autonomous University of Mexico. In 1963 he studied a master's degree in Progettazione Artistica per l'Industria della Università degli studi di Firenze, Italy.


Founder of the School of Architecture at La Salle University and professor of projects during the next 8 years. He was also a professor at the National School of Architecture of UNAM and at Universidad Iberoamericana


His vast experience of nearly 50 years is reflected in the architectural direction of each of the projects in which he participates directly and successfully.